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Theology and the Arts 2006-07

25 October 2007

  • Paper - "Little Screws, Big Machines: Evaluating Milbank's Infatuation with Bulgakov" by David J. Dunn

    Theological Aesthetics Bibliography

  • Bibliography

    30 November 2006
    David Belcher - Music Files

  • "J.S. Bach - Allegro"
  • "J.S. Bach - Fugue"
  • "J.S. Bach - Prelude"
  • "Leo Brouwer - Lightness and Heaviness"
  • "Leo Brouwer - Paisaje Cubano con Campanas"

    14 November 2006

  • Paper - "Toward an Aesthetic Approach to Amodern Subjectivity, with Some Suggestions Concerning Onto-Theology" by David Dault
  • Response by J. Aaron Simmons

    17 October 2006

  • Paper - "In Search of Lost Time: Providence as Aesthetic Vision in Augustine and Andrei Rublev" - by Travis E. Ables
  • Response - "Response to Travis Ables" - by Nathan R. Kerr

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    19 September 2006

  • Paper - "The Absurdity and Sublimity of Christ" - by Michael D. Gibson
  • Response - "Not Yet Prepared to Speak: An Undecideable Beauty" - by Travis E. Ables

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    The Church and the Political 2005-06

    10 May 2006

  • Paper -
  • "The Politics of Praise" - by Nathan R. Kerr
  • Response - "Response to Nate Kerr" by J. Aaron Simmons

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    23 March 2006

  • Paper - "Just Care for the Sick: TennCare and the Disappearance of Ecclesial Justice" - by Timothy Reinhold Eberhart
  • Response - by Michael D. Gibson

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    16 February 2006

  • Paper - "Sacred Hunger: Fasting as Economic Resistance" - by David J. Dunn
  • Response - "Response to David Dunn" - by Chad Maxson

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    19 January 2006

  • Paper - "A Restless Nomination: Badiou and the Topology of Fundamentalism" - by Travis E. Ables
  • Paper - "Levinas, Derrida, and A Deconstructive Vision of Nation" - by J. Aaron Simmons
  • Response - "Als könnten wir ohne uns wir sein..." - by David Dault

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    19 December 2005

  • Paper - "Comments on Alain Badiou's Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism" - presented by James W. Barker
  • Response to Barker's paper - “If You Go Carrying Pictures of Chairman Mao, You Ain’t Gonna Make it with Anyone Anyhow” - by Joshua Davis

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    1 December 2005

  • Paper - "But if they say we are not even to believe...": Stanley Fish and the Bankruptcy of the Liberal Option - presented by David Dault
  • Response to Dault's paper - by Nathan R. Kerr

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  • An Annotated Bibliography of Stanley Fish

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