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Help: Editing Rules

This WIKI website is based on the idea that Less Is More, so don't get too fancy. Just typing normal text with blank lines between paragraphs is often sufficient. You should learn the first few markups below, especially so you can link to other pages.

These marks may appear anywhere on a single line, but do not nest:

  • [[Title Of Page]] --link to page in same Wiki

  • ``words to be italics''

  • ```words to be bold'''

  • ````words to be typewriter''''


    These must start in the first column, and affect the entire line:

  • * Item in a bullet list

  • /section Primary Section Title

  • /subsection Secondary Section Title

  • /b words to be bold

  • /i words to be italics

  • /tt words to be typewriter

  • /bar --draws a horizontal rule (also used to separate blurb from body in Weblog and Calendar postings)

  • / -- (lone slash then space) forces a line break

    Images, Files and Links

    The second word on the following is the URL or filename; remaining words are optional, and are ALT text or name displayed on link:

  • /link URL label... --link to external site

  • /file NAME label... --link to attached file

  • /image URL alt-text... --embedded image

  • /imagefile NAME.jpg alt-text... --embedded attached file image

    Special characters and restrictions

    You may use HTML entity names for non-ASCII characters if you use both & before and ; after it. Example:

  • ΨΥ -- ΨΥ

    You may not use HTML tags; the characters < and > render as themselves.

    Some hints of formatting your journal pages

    When you want to update your journal precis or make a new one, please follow the following steps:
    1. Login
    2. Go to your journal page (the page connected with your name on the website)
    3. Click ''Create Page'' on the bottom navigation bar
    4. A new, blank page will appear. In the TITLE area, please use the following format:

    <<Your journal title or abbreviation>> <<Volume Number>> <<Issue Number>>

    <<Your journal title or abbreviation>> <<Month>> <<Year>>

    So, for example, I might type in Interpretation 55.4 or Interpretation 10.2001 in the title line. The point is to pick a format and be consistent.

    5. Go down to the content box, and erase the '(insert content here)' placeholder and type in your info. (Feel free to type it in all at once or in chunks - you can do either once the page is created)
    6. Click ''Save'' button at the bottom of the screen
    7. Your page is now created. You will see it on the screen.
    8. Go back to your main journal page. Click ''Edit''
    9. Insert the link for your new page by typing [[Title Of Page]] That is, type the name of your page in double braces
    10. Click ''Save'' - and you are done!

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